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Things I’m loving this week – Labor day edition

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Hello! And happy labor day week! I was lucky enough to have Monday off from work, so potato and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast and I finally managed to get some of my honey-do list, except I have no honey, so it was just a Sara TODO list, finished this weekend. The magnetic memo/inspiration board is back hanging in the office and my degrees are back on the wall.

Things I’m Loving this week –
Books –

I’ve been listening to Beyond the Pale by Ken Grossman, the founder of Sierra Nevada brewery, on my commute. It’s the story of the founding of Sierra Nevada brewery and the early days of the American craft beer scene. It’s certainly an interesting contrast to Barrel Aged Stouts and Selling out, which I read previously. The story of a brewery founded for love of the craft bootstrapped up and a brewery founded with lots of start-up capital is very different, even if both ended up being huge and making great beer.

Knitting –

Knitpicks stroll tonal mini packs –  I’ve been a Knitpicks supporter for a long time, my favorite set of interchangeable needles are from them. Knitpicks has been killing it on their kits and samplers in quality and colors lately and most importantly their prices are totally reasonable. They’ve just launched these new mini skein packs! Look how nice the colors are!

Stitch Dictionaries – I’ve got a collection of stitch dictionaries that I rarely look at. Since I’ve been challenging myself on the 30 swatch project (more on that another day) I’ve been combing through them and I’ve found some really great stuff. Some of the dictionaries I love are:

Random –

Beer – Bell’s Oktoberfest. It’s delicious, it’s seasonal, it’s at Total Wine. Win win win. I did a random assortment of Oktoberfest beers this weekend and Bell’s won out. Because it was less sweet than some of the others I tried Bell’s was easier to drink. It’s not shocking, Bell’s consistently makes great beer.

New Glasses! I picked up this pair at Eye Buy Direct. With lenses and a 30% off coupon, they were only $50! They fit well and feel better than my 120$ glasses from America’s Best

Portabello by Design Coffee Mugs at Homegoods – So I like coffee. I like coffee a lot. I would probably sell my house before I gave up coffee. As someone who loves coffee, I use mugs often and have amassed quite a collection. In fact, I realize that I own an unreasonable amount of coffee mugs for a single person who lives alone. I mean maybe if I start serving coffee to the cats and dog I could justify it? That being said, I have been obsessing over all the amazing fall coffee mugs at home goods. I did cave an buy one. It was giant, so it holds all the coffee and it had cute dogs in Halloween costumes. I managed, just barely, to pass on all the Portabello by Design mugs though. If you see them, you should totally grab them all. I mean just look at this:


And that’s all for this week. Let me know what you’re obsessing over in the comments!






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