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Thanks to the joy (or terribleness, it’s a tossup) of Ravelry, I’m constantly finding new things I want to knit. Every day I log on and check the new hot patterns and the suggestions Rav has given me about things I might like (their algorithm must be good because things are surprisingly spot on). I mean, Its pretty great we live in a world where I can find awesome knitting patterns at the click of a button. I remember the bad old days where we had to buy books, or go to libraries, or track down things posted on forums and blogs. It’s certainly easier to find new patterns these days. On the other hand, the list of things I want to know keeps getting longer. Seems like every couple of months I have to do a queue culling to pull out the things that either I will never get around to or things that were a phase I’m now over. I did actually move something out of the queue and onto the needles this week so that’s a positive. But without further ado here is what I have added to my queue this week:

ZickZack Scarf

This one got added to the queue for a very specific reason. I’ve got 2 mismatched balls of the recommended yarn (Lang Yarns Mille Colori Baby) that I needed something to do with so I figured my options were some funky mismatched socks or a scarf. This seemed like a perfect use for them.

Spigato Mitts

How cute are these? I have some leftover fingering weight yarn that I was planning on using for a pair of endpaper mitts, but I think I like these better. Bonus, they are a modified mosaic colorwork which means you are only using 1 color at a time and just slipping the stitches you want to knit with the other color. How cool is that!

Autumn Oak Leaves

Ok, hear me out. Will I ever actually knit these? Probably not. But they are so cute! I love the idea of these hanging around the house in fall. I mean, I live in southern California so fall is like 3 days in December, but a girl can dream.



What are you lusting to knit this week? Let me know in the comments.

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